Sunday, January 4, 2009

Only Pictures Tonight....

Above: The boys reunited in the same crib again today

Left: Landon zonked out after a good feed

Landon sleeping in his little bouncy chair

Above: Landon catching some zzzz's

Logan loves snuggling with his primary nurse Lisa

Logan sucking away on his binky right before they wheeled him away for surgery

Above: Logan post-surgery

Below: Aunt Kate and Logan meeting each other for the first time


Anonymous said...

I pray for your beautiful twins every night. My heart goes out to you and the boys. I patiently await your updates everyday. They have a long road ahead and they are such fighters. They are truly miracles. You have been BLESSED :)

juljay23 said...

hi annie just wanted to thank you for the card and beautiful picture of your boys. Reading all the comments and looking at all the pictures, your beautiful babies truely are miracles. We think of you often and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Looking foward to seeing you, Steve, Logan, and Landon soon. love Julie,Jay, and Alicia