Friday, October 31, 2008

The boys' 1st Halloween!!

Top two pictures are Landon and bottom two are Logan

Happy 1st Halloween to my little men!! Landon and Logan were all dressed up as M&M's today and although I'm obviously biased, they were the cutest and most beautiful little M&M's I've ever seen!!! Our sweet and easygoing Logan seemed to really like his costume and stayed in it for most of the day. Our sensitive and stubborn Landon, on the other hand, of course got angry with his and kept trying to rip the "M" off so the nurses decided to take his off a little early. It's amazing how they have already developed such distinctive personalities at such a young and tender age. I think it's certainly safe to say that Landon will be our little troublemaker!!

Today was a relatively calm day for both of them. Landon had a routine follow-up head ultrasound done yesterday and the results we received today were encouraging; his Grade II bleed shows improvement and the blood is being reabsorbed by his body. The doctor said his next ultrasound probably won't be for another few weeks unless his weekly head measurement shows an abnormally large change. Logan's head measurement has been gradually increasing for the last week and while Steve and I are keeping a close eye on it, the doctors don't seem to be overly concerned yet. He will continue to get his weekly Monday ultrasounds as they monitor the fluid building on his brain but we probably won't have any definitive answers as to his long term prognosis for many weeks.

They are both doing ok with their breathing, although I would love to see them on lower vent settings. Their blood gases have just been average so they aren't being weaned down at all. On a positive note, they are both still on their feeds, which is obviously the most crucial factor in their growth at this juncture. Landon has packed on some serious pounds (ok, ounces) and is weighing in at a hefty 1 lb. 15 ozs!! I can't believe our big boy is already close to 2 pounds, I'm so proud of him. His big brother Logan is making a valiant effort at 1 lb. 9 ozs. but still has some serious catching up to do before I can stop worrying so much.

Today was the first of many holidays I'm going to spend with my little boys but I don't think any of them will be quite as special and unforgettable as this one.

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Caitlin said...

Annie- what a precious amazing journey you've been on with these two boys, and even more amazing that you were able to keep such a detailed record!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this!

Ok, so you didn't share it, I found it on facebook:)