Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Logan's Weekly Head Ultrasound

Today was a relatively uneventful day, which is always a good thing in the NICU. We did get the results of Logan's weekly head ultrasound and while it's not great news, it's not necessarily bad news yet either. The fluid build-up in his brain (hydrocephalus) caused by his Grade IV bleed has increased from last week and so has his head measurement. However, it's not at a dangerous level yet so for the time being, they will just continue to monitor it with his weekly ultrasounds and if it continues to build up, the next step will be to perform a spinal tap. All we can do now, like so many other problems they may experience, is to just wait and see (and pray for the best).

On a brighter note, we found out that Logan is now back up to his birth weight of 1 lb. 7 ozs. and Landon has actually gained a good amount of weight and is up to 1 lb. 14 ozs.!! Logan, our little trooper, is still on his feeds and was bumped up to 2.9 mL every 3 hours. He is certainly enjoying his feedings as he had a great time pooping all over my finger the other day when I was changing his diaper!! I can honestly say I never thought I would be so happy to have my son poop on me but it's always a good sign when they are having bowel movements because it means their plumbing, so to speak, is working well!! Unfortunately, Landon continues to struggle with tolerating his feeds and they had to stop them overnight. They tried again late this afternoon so we're crossing our fingers for good news tomorrow morning.

Landon is still on the oscillating ventilator but the doctors are slowly weaning his settings and hoping to have him back on the regular vent within the next day or so. Logan was having a little bit of trouble with his breathing today and they had to push up his vent settings to compensate for it. I was really surprised because he's been doing so well with everything for the last week or two. Well, another day behind us, another minor obstacle overcome.
The top two pics are of Landon (he actually put his hands like that under this chin...soooo cute!) and the bottom one is our little Logan holding my finger.

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