Sunday, November 2, 2008

1 Month Old Already!!

I can't believe our boys are already 4 weeks old, what a beautiful day!! And what a great birthday present for Logan as Daddy got to hold him today for the first time. Logan really loves his Daddy and did very well when he was holding him. He very rarely desated and the few times that he did, Daddy would talk to him and it seemed just the sound of his voice would cause his sats to shoot back up to the
90's where they belong. It really was a special day for the both of them.

Landon's nurse insisted I try again today to kangaroo with him and although I was extremely nervous because I didn't want to upset him again, I absolutely ache to hold him so of course I agreed. I'm so glad I did, because he tolerated it much better and I was able to sit with him for 3 hours! What a tremendously healing effect my sons have on me as I feel so much stronger tonight whereas last night I was completely lost. How surprisingly curious that they are the ones guiding ME through these awful days. I don't think words will ever define how deeply in love I am with these boys.

As far as how they are doing otherwise, they have been relatively stable for the past few days. Landon is now up to 2 pounds, what a big boy he is!! It's so reassuring to see him filling out and putting some meat on those delicate little bones. Logan wasn't weighed this weekend but we're hoping by tomorrow maybe he'll be up to 1 lb. 10 ozs. They are tolerating their gavage feeds well with Logan receiving 7.2 ml's and Landon 5.8 ml's of breastmilk every 3 hours. As for their breathing, they are both still on the ventilator and both received a dose of Lasix yesterday, which is a diuretic used to clear fluid build up in their lungs. It seems to have really helped with their breathing as Logan was back down to 25-30% oxygen and Landon was at 35-40% (room air that we breathe is 21%). Every day they spend on the ventilator is causing more damage to their already extremely fragile lungs and I eagerly await the day they can finally graduate to the CPAP. Finally, all of Logan's blood cultures came back negative, neaning he does not have an infection as the doctors suspected, and all of his antibiotics were therefore ceased. What an incredible relief!

The next hurdle is Logan's weekly head ultrasound that will be performed tomorrow. We typically receive the results on Tuesday morning so that is where all of my energy (and prayers) will be focused for the next two days.

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SweetLouise said...

Dear Annie and Steve,
Please know that your family in California are watching over you and the babies and are prayers are with all of you. Much love, your cousin Cheryl and all