Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Landon Comes Off the Ventilator!

First two pics are Landon on CPAP!!

Pic to the right is Landon lying awake prior to being moved to CPAP

Below pic is Logan sucking on his little pacifier that he loves so much

Right pic is Logan, awake as usual

WOW, what a special day it was yesterday - I got a big surprise when I arrived at the hospital and saw my big boy Landon off the ventilator and on the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)!! Whereas the ventilator was providing breaths of oxygen directly into his lungs through the ET tube at a certain rate and pressure (essentially breathing for him), the CPAP delivers pressurized air to his lungs by using small prongs in his nose. Landon is now taking every breath on his own but the steady flow of oxygen coming into his lungs is helping to keep the air sacs in his lungs open so they don't collapse after each breath. His blood gas this morning was great and, although he's had a few episodes of bradycardia (heart rate drops) and is still de-satting, the doctors are pleased with how he's doing. I'm praying with every inch of my being that he will continue to do well and won't have to be put back on the ventilator.

Unfortunately, yesterday's excitement was short-lived with the news that Logan's head measurement had jumped 1.5 cm. overnight, which is extremely alarming. They proceeded with yet another lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to alleviate the pressure on his brain and were able to retrieve 4 cc's of fluid. In my discussion with the doctor, she informed me that it's highly unlikely that the hydrocephalus will resolve on its own at this juncture and she is almost 100% certain that he will eventually need a VP shunt surgically placed within his brain . However, the neurosurgeon will not attempt surgery on him now because he is too young, small and weak. Therefore, in the interim we can only hope that they can continue to draw fluid from his brain using the taps for another few weeks or months until he is big and strong enough to be able to survive the risky surgery.

In terms of Logan's breathing efforts, he is still on the ventilator and doesn't seem to be making much progress so the doctors have decided to put him on a new, more advanced ventilator that they just received from CHOP. It is the only one that the hospital has and out of all the babies in the NICU, they decided that Logan could benefit the most from it.

Finally, some good news with which to end this post: Logan is now up to 2 lbs., 1 oz.!!!! :) My little stringbean is finally starting to beef up, what a tremendous relief. His little brother Landon is now 2 lbs., 5 ozs, he's growing like a weed and shows no signs of slowing down. They are both about 14.5 inches long, so Logan gained back that inch that he was behind his brother at birth.

Unfortunately, I am going back to work next Monday so that I'm able to take time off when the boys come home from the hospital (hopefully in January). Steve and I are heartbroken that they will no longer have either of us with them during the days but luckily I work right in Center City so I'm only a cab ride away from the hospital and will still be able to spend my lunchtime with them. My whole life has been on hold since August when I was put on bedrest and I'm not sure how well I'm going to adapt to this transition back into the real world. It absolutely blows me away how wrapped up my entire world has become in our two little boys.

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You are so strong and will be ok when you go back to work. It is so exciting that they are getting bigger and stronger everyday. That is what we all pray for!

Stay stong!